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Nutribees is an Italian startup founded with a clear mission: to be an integral part of the daily eating routine of people who want to eat well, offering convenient and simple service.

Design, Development

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Well begun…

Landing on the Home Page for the first time, the user immediately understands what it is all about, is reassured by the positive reviews, and obviously has the option of visiting the Shop with one click.

Different by choice

The development of eCommerce required customizations on subscription management: the latter is done through a totally custom payment, renewal and cancellation management algorithm and done directly on the Stripe payment gateway.

What is your goal?

The user starts with a nutritional test to find out which dishes are best for him and his needs. Then he can decide how many dishes he wants to receive and how often.

Icons with a unique style

For this project we designed custom icons with a two-tone effect.

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