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IDA is an Influencer Digital Agency with a tech soul that has chosen to position itself vertically on the dynamic world of Influencer Marketing, through a mix of expertise in strategy and marketing, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

The client wanted to change their position in the market, so together we revamped their image, totally redesigning their logo, institutional website and IDA Insight® platform.

Branding, Design, Development

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A logo that starts with a photo

The old logo was now obsolete: the four circles in fact represented the main Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

But for a booming world like social marketing, it was detrimental to remain anchored only to this concept.

So the idea was to disengage from the four circles and build a more minimalist logo, only using a logotype.

The construction started with a lowercase font, to give continuity with the previous logo.

We took inspiration from the “frame“ gesture, which perfectly represents the action and gesture of a photo, an indispensable basis of influencer marketing.

New vibrant colors

Along with the logo, we also revised the color palette.
No longer four colors for four socials, but rather as many colors as the “business units“ present within IDA: Agency, Platform, Talent and Marketing.

Several souls, one site

We next designed the institutional site, with a more immersive navigation thanks to fullscreen sections.
Each section corresponds to a different color, to remark the different souls present within the company.

All the data you need

We have designed a platform that can easily speak to companies.

Each profile comes with markers that help you understand its weekly, monthly and annual dynamics.

IDA Insight® can track more than 700,000 profiles simultaneously and tell customers who is growing and how fast.

The platform also tracks completed campaigns and total budgets.

For each individual influencer, we have designed an at-a-glance screen that communicates key Intagram numbers: number of Followers, Reach and average Engagement Rate.

You can set up a search by category, geographic area, target audience and generate a list of influencers that match you.

For each influencer, it is also possible to know the data corresponding to the average number of comments and likes per post, as well as data related to other social networks.

This data is then reported in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow screen.

The right categories for the right campaign

While designing the IDA Insight® platform, we had fun designing all the industry icons in which influencers operate.

The categories are essential to be able to select the right target audience for the marketing campaign.

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