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The ZettaScale company has been working hard for years to bring every connected human and machine the unfettered freedom to communicate, process and store, anywhere, on any scale, efficiently and securely.

PFor the client, we created the logo with related Brand Manual, corporate image and corporate website.

Branding, Design, Development

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Speed and connection

To create the logo, we started with the key concepts that the company represents: speed, connection and decentralization.

Starting with the union of the initials Z and S, we designed a symbol that can be easily declined in various media, both digital and paper.

The connection between these two letters creates a continuous, endless line that represents speed and data transmission.

Turn to the dark side

Increasingly popular, dark interfaces of operating systems and apps, allow you not to strain your eyes while using your devices.

To further enhance the company's color palette and tech soul, we decided to apply a dark theme to the corporate website.

Product Landing Pages

Within the site are a number of vertical Landing Pages on technologies created by the client.

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