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CharityStars was created with the intention of revolutionizing the way charitable fundraising is done.

The goal is to make the act of giving fun and rewarding so that everyone benefits.

In fact, winners get the opportunity to be able to live a dream, VIPs support the causes they care most about, and nonprofit organizations can spend less time fundraising and more time developing their projects.

Design, Development

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The user at the center

In 2020 Charitystars decided to redesign the entire platform to convey a more modern and international style.

PED therefore worked to create a simpler and more immediate design, positioning the focus on the user and usability.

The technology solution was also revised by using React and including a section dedicated to NFT.

A consistent user experience

We created a Design System that would allow us to maintain consistency across sections and be easily scalable for possible future features.

The use of the two fonts, one linear and one graceful, serve to provide continuity with the previous platform and to create a unique and elegant style.

The details that make a difference

Through some testing, we were able to understand that nearly 70% of users were interacting on the platform with a mobile device.

For this reason, we adopted a mobile-first approach when designing the UI, thus focusing on essential functions.

Colors and loyalty

CharityStars offers users various opportunities to win and donate.

Between one-time experiences and unique memorabilia, there really is something for everyone.

Each category corresponds to a different color so that loyal users can immediately recognize what kind of product it is.

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